Architectural & Structural Glazing

Clarity, climate resistance, chemical endurance and a wide range of decorative possibilities - it's clear to see why glass became so popular in construction and architecture.

VISTRUM is offering a limitless creative possibilities in manufacturing:

  • Staircses

  • Glass partitions

  • Glass roofs

  • Floors

  • Glass canopies

  • Awnings

  • Altriums

  • Terrace covers

  • Structural glass walls

Transport & Industrial Vehicles Glazing

We offer glass for glazing city public transport, speciality vehicles and sea crafts.

  • Monolithic glass

  • Laminated glass

  • Insulated glass

  • Insulated laminated glass

Furniture & Lighting Manufacture

Glass furniture and light fittings are a beautiful addition to a modern home. Coffee tables, dining tables, glass shelving units, sideboards,  stylish bedside tables and much more will enrich and brighten any space. VISTRUM is ready to become your provider of decorative elements for furniture manufacturing.

Sauna doors and
steam bath doors

VISTRUM offers a wide selection of decorated doors. The exquisite drawings will give sophistication and nobility to your sauna.

  • glass doors with diamond engraving

  • silk screen printing

  • doors with full color printing of ceramic paint technology (GlassJet)

  • artistic multi-faceted sandblasting engraving

  • designer glass doors with a pattern and embossed decorative elements made using the fusing technique.

Combination of decors for individual order.

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Glass for Interior Design

Glass is the most unusual material used in construction and finishings. Despite being used for many centuries it stays relevant and stylish.  Using glass in interior design opens new possibilities in furnishing, planning, decorations and creating beautiful, practical and safe spaces. Glass interior elements work well with wood, plastics and metals. Glass visually expands the space, improves natural lighting and provides inimitable style. 

VISTRUM is offering delivery of glass for:

  • Glass partitions

  • Glass floors

  • Doors

  • Panels

  • Decorations

  • Glass for shower cubicles and dividers

Our Glazing Services

  • Tempered glass 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm

  • Curved glass

  • Tinted glass

  • Frosted glass

  • Back painted glass

  • Heat resistant glass

  • Laminated glass

  • Kitchen splashbacks

  • Laser cutting, etching and engraving

  • Variety of shapes and holes creation

  • Edge grinding and polishing

  • Ceramic ink glass (RAL colour chart)

  • Digital ceramic printing on glass

Private Customer

Brighten up your kitchen with a unique splashback. A stylish, practical and long-lasting addition to your home. You can choose any image from for your personalised splashback.

  • Printed glass splashback

  • Clear splashback

  • Single colour splashback

  • Glass panels with prints



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